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Update Symposium on Reconstructive microsurgery

A master Update Symposium on microsurgery is held every 5 years to discuss new techniques and to present new developments.
Update Symposium on microsurgery

About RMES Update Symposium on Microsurgery

After 6 editions of the MRM, we prepeared on October 2016, a updated symposium on reconstructive microsurgery just for former students, faculty and the medical industry involved in microsurgery to meet and share new ideas, discuss how to improve medical education in microsurgery and promote innovation and interaction between the medical industry and professionals.

We were highly honored by the presence of Prof Isao Koshima such us honorary guest speaker at the updated symposium. What we really wanted to do is to improve this networking and build a real Reconstructive Microsurgery European School-RMES.

We would like to focus, not only education but also on how we can get best develop our plastic surgeons trainees. We proposed to build a research platform or community where we can all share our projects and promote multicentre interuniversity project research.

Date: 29th – 30th October 2016

Venue: Caldes de Malavella – Girona (Spain)

Program highlights & Faculty

What we really want to do is to improve this networking and build a real Reconstructive Microsurgery European School – RMES.

Update Symposium on microsurgery’s Program highlights:

  • New trends in limb reconstruction
  • Recent advances in autologous breast reconstruction
  • Present and future of the lymphatic surgery
  • Limits of supramicrosurgery
  • Future goals on functional head and neck microsurgical reconstruction
  • New era on genital reconstruction
  • Research platforms in microsurgery
  • Transversal multicentric research studies
  • Interactivity between clinicians and industry: the best way for a innovation
  • Present and future of the European school of reconstructive microsurgery
  • Education in microsurgery: searching the ideal method for learning, growing and building the future.
  • Jian Farhadi
  • Cristina Garusi
  • Marco Innocenti
  • Frederic Kolb
  • Nicolas Leymarie
  • Jaume Masià
  • Gemma Pons
  • Eric Santamaria
  • Sinikka Suominen
  • Koenraad Van Landuyt


  • Phillip Blondeel
  • Moustapha Hamdi
  • Alexandru Georgescu
  • Stefan O.P. Hofer
  • Joon Pio Hong
  • Lucian P. Jiga
  • Maija Kolehmainen
  • Isao Koshima
  • Peter Neligan
  • Milomir Ninkovic
  • Alex Nistor
  • Dirk J Schaefer